Friday, April 22, 2016

Review: Seasonal Songs in Motion

Hello, again, The Learning Station! Previously, I shared my thoughts on their album La Di Da La Di Di Dance with Me. Today I have Seasonal Songs in Motion. There is a song for each of our four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) as well as couple winter holiday songs. They also share that "the last five can be used in any season." I have not used any of these songs for storytime, but the CD is a newer one in my library's music collection.

The paper insert does include song lyrics, song lengths, and occasional movement directions. The track list is below and a couple italicized tracks were some I enjoyed. I also added a couple notes. Happy listening!

Track List --
1 - Hungry Caterpillar
2 - Spring is Here
3 - Green Grass Grows
4 - Mulberry Bush - classic song with a new movement twist (march, skip, hop, clap) - circle song
5 - Sunscreen - body song - summer song
6 - Row, Row, row Adventure - classic song with a new story twist ... rowing chorus and a narrator captain sharing a story about the stream you're rowing on
7 - It's Fall Again
8 - Stirring Our Brew
9 - Dradel, Dradel, Dradel
10 - Kwanzaa
11 - Comin' Down the Chimney - "She'll Comin' Round the Mountain" mashed together with a Santa Clause theme - call and response song
12 - Snowflakes - body song - pretend skating
13 - If You Feel It
14 - London Bridges
15 - Can You Do It?
16 - I Got a Hat
17 - Bam!

Reviewed from a library copy.

Album: Seasonal Songs in Motion
Artist: The Learning Station
Label: Hug-a-Chug Records
Genre: Kindie / Educational
Length: 49:45
Release Date: November 2001


A to Z Challenge - Letter S - Seasonal Songs in Motion by The Learning Station

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