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Music Review: Fun Songs for Fitness

Have you heard of Mike Soloway? He has created two volumes of Moving with Mike. They are labeled as Fun Songs for Creative Movement, Dance, & Fitness. I would have to agree! A close friend who is an early childhood teacher found some of Soloway's song on Amazon. After her excitement over finding some great movement music, I knew I had to find out more about Moving with Mike.

Adolescent Audio Adventures reviews Moving with Mike Soloway Volumes 1 and 2
Mike Soloway has two volumes of fun songs for creative movement, dance, and fitness. Each CD has a great range of movement songs. I have used several during storytime at the library. He has a unique voice and lots of energy in his songs. A preview of his music can be found at Amazon. I've tried looking for a website for Soloway, but all I found was his jazz guitar website.

The CDs are in printed cardboard cases with a plastic piece to hold the disc in place. The inside covers share thank yous, dedications, and credits. There is no insert with lyrics. The back of the case lists the song titles as well as the length of each song. Song lengths range from 2:20-4:31.

Below are the track lists for both volumes of Moving with Mike with a few notes from me. The most popular songs I use are Tippy Toes and Irish Hop, but there are so many more great songs besides those two. The italicized tracks are the tracks I've used during storytime:

Track List, Volume 1 --
1. Boom Boom - question & answer song - mostly instrumental - arms, legs, head, shoulders, belly, body, dad, mom, baby
2. Animal Rap - bunny, bird, snake, monkey, mouse  - dancers directed to go to their "spot" when dancing is done for each animal
3. Let's Make a Pizza - imaginative play at the beginning: making a pizza
4. Fire Engine Freeze - freeze song - drive your fire engine then put out a fire
5. Froggy Jump - frog song - jump, swim, climb, shake, sleep - circle song
6. Fly Like a Bird - bird song - slower movement song - imaginative play section in the middle
7. Tippy Toes - classical music - slow to fast - tippy toes, floppy feet, stomping feet, running feet
8. Wave Your Hands Up High - wave, hop, shake, squat, jump, twist, swim
9. Tightrope Walk - imaginative play
10. Toodle Doodle Dance - jig style song - circle song - jump, skip, wiggle fingers/toes, shake hands up/down, arms, nod your head
11. Moving Like the Animals - birdie, froggy, snakey, elephant - dancers directed to go to their "spot" when dancing is done for each animal
12. Make a Little Circle - circle song
13. Bean Bag Bounce - bean bag song - body song (head, knee, elbow, ankle, back)
14. Loosey Goosey - shake, dance, clap, wiggle - built in break during the song
15. Marching Song - marching

Track List, Volume 2 --
1. Irish Hop - jig style song - hop, jump, clap, tiptoe, spin, wiggle, swim, throw the ball, wave, fly - I like to use this song around St. Patrick's Day.
2. Moving Like the Animals 2 - ducky, kitty, bunny, horsey - dancers directed to go to their "spot" when dancing is done for each animal
3. Itsy Bitsy Penguin - penguin song
4. Wave Your Scarves - classical song - scarf song
5. Hokey Pokey Freeze - country style song - body song - freeze song
6. Bean Bag Bounce 2 - bean bag song - body song (shoulder, foot, ear, hands)
7. Funiculi Funicula - classical song - circle song - animal song (horse, duck, kitten) - gallop, jump, waddle, tiptoe
8. Musical Instrument Freeze - freeze song - piano, cello, trumpet, flute, fiddle, banjo, drums, guitar -  Before the song began, I showed everyone what each instrument looks like on the flannel board.
9. If You Have the Energy - jump, wave, tiptoe, fly, turn around, wiggle, hop
10. Tightrope Walk 2 - imaginative play
11. Dancing Like a Fool - classroom song / nursery school - jump, clap, dance, twist, hop
12. Everybody Step to the Left - circle song
13. Animal Rap 2 - frog, duck, cat, rooster, horse - dancers directed to go to their "spot" when dancing is done for each animal
14. Pass the Hot Potato - circle song - bean bag song (or another prop) - mostly instrumental

Reviewed from a library copies.

Albums: Moving with Mike, volume one / Moving with Mike, volume two
Artist: Mike Soloway
Label: Dancing Pug Records
Genre: Kindie / Educational
Lengths: 48:05 / 44:28
Release Dates: January 2010
ASIN: B0033LW9FC / B00356NY6I


A to Z Challenge - Letter F - Moving with Mike: Fun Songs for Creative Movement, Dance, & Fitness by Mike Soloway

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