Friday, April 1, 2016

Music Review: Mr. Al a Carte

Have you heard of the Mr. Al? A co-worker shares his music with me several years ago. I've been using his song "Hello Everybody" for many years since I first heard it. I usually use it for special events rather than my weekly storytime at the library. It's a great movement song as well as a greeting / hello song.

Mr. Al a Carte is a compilation CD of favorite songs from Mr. Al's collection. He has a total of ten CDs. For avid listeners or owners of Mr. Al music, he does include two new songs on Mr. Al a Carte: "Pizza Rules" and "The Train." For new listeners, this would be a great introduction CD to Mr. Al's music.

This is an active CD for dance or movement time. There are also some transition songs on here as well. The songs are mostly get up and go, but there are a couple slower movement songs too. I am so happy to share that the CD came with a small booklet that shares the lyrics, song time, and activities for each song. I always appreciate the musicians who take the time to help music leaders use their music. I love sharing music, but sometimes I don't know how to incorporate it into storytime or other events.

You can get a preview of Mr. Al's songs on his website. Below is the track list and a few notes from me. The italicized tracks were some of my favorites from Mr. Al a Carte

Track List --
1. - Hello Everybody - movement song - greeting / hello song
2. - Let's Get Started - movement song - greeting / hello / beginning song - echo
3. - Please Stand Up - movement song - colors song
4. - Rock & Roll Body Parts - movement song - body song
5. - Monkey See, Monkey Do - movement song - body song - spatial words song - silly face song -
           This song would pair well with the book Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by Al Perkins, illustrated by Eric Gurney.
6. - Pizza Rules - pizza song with an echo chorus
7. - You Gotta Have Hugs - slower pace song - emotions song
8. - Bop 'Til You Drop - movement song - lots of ups and downs - echo
9. - I Like the Color Red - slower pace movement song - colors song that focuses on red - echo
10. - Wiggle Your Knees Boogie - movement song - teaches listeners a new dance
11. - I'm Happy - emotions song that focuses on happiness - question & answer song
12. - Back to School Bop - movement song - greeting / hello song (for schools)
13. - Clean Up Time - transitional song for cleaning up - pauses for teacher/leader to add student's names to the song
14. - The Train - movement song - line up song

Reviewed from a library copy.

Album: Mr. Al a Carte
Artist: Mr. Al
Label: Cradle Rock Productions
Genre: Kindie / Family
Length: 39:18
Release Date: September 1998


A to Z Challenge - Letter A - Mr. Al a Carte


  1. I can already tell I'm going to love your challenge theme! My toddler loves pizza, so for that reason alone, I will need to look for this album. I can't believe I've never heard of Mr. Al!

    1. Glad I could introduce you! :) Happy album hunting!


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