Monday, April 25, 2016

Music Review: Sing-a-Move-a-Dance

Have you heard of Colleen & Uncle Squaty? They are a musical team from Wisconsin. They've produced multiple albums and present at several early childhood conferences. (I love their workshops and I would highly recommend seeing one!)

Adolescent Audio Adventures reviews Sing-a-Move-a-Dance with Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Sing-a-Move-a-Dance is one of their albums and I have used a couple of the songs during storytime. The paper insert is a fold-out which shares lyrics, credits, thank yous, and contact information. The back paper insert includes the track list, brief song information, and song lengths. Since Colleen and Uncle Sqauty all ready shared song notes, I won't add extra notes from me. I did italicize some of my favorite songs from the CD. Sing-a-Move-a-Dance also won two awards: Parents Choice Award and iParenting Media Award. Music albums can always be found on sites like Amazon, but they can be found at North Side Music.

Track List --
1.  Sing-a-Move-a-Dance (Upbeat Movement)
2.  Elephants Have Wrinkles (Echo / Movement Song)
3.  See-Saw (Literary Concepts with Activity)
4.  Alice the Beagle (Movement / Story Song)
5.  Pickin' It Up (Rock/Blues Clean-up Song)
6.  What Dance You Wanna Do? (Fun Interpretative Dance / Latin Style)
7.  Barnyard Boogie (Movement / Story Song / Blues Boogie)
8.  Movin' 'Round the Room (Movement / Echo / Sing-a-Long)
9.  Ukulele Blue Yodel (Fingerplay / Yodeling / Hawaiian Style)
10. Scratch Your Head (Movement / Story Song / Bluegrass)
11. Lorilei's Birthday (Hawaiian Birthday Story Song)
12. I Can Hold On (Movement / Soft Rock)

Reviewed from a personal copy.

Album: Sing-A-Move-A-Dance
Artist: Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Genre: Kindie / Family / Educational
Release Date: 2005


A to Z Challenge - Letter U - Sing-a-Move-a-Dance with Colleen and Uncle Squaty

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