Saturday, April 23, 2016

Music Review: Through the Woods

Hello, again, Okee Dokee Brothers! Previously, I shared the album Can You Canoe? Now, it's time to share another family listen favorite of mine, Through the Woods. This time the Okee Dokee Brothers took a walk on the Appalachian Trail. Just like their Mississippi River adventure, they spent 30 day in the wilderness.

It's a great album for background listening or on a car trip with the family. The songs range quiet to clap along. The song writers are Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander. The album insert shares little paragraphs about each song and the story behind it. Also included with the CD is a DVD with videos they filmed along the way. You can get a preview of their songs as well as their videos on their website. Below is the track list and a few notes from me. The italicized tracks were some of my favorites from Can You Canoe?

Track List --
1. Through the Woods
2. Big Rock Candy Mountain (with Hubby Jenkins - Carolina Chocolate Drops)
3. Jamboree
4. Evergreen
5. Walking with Spring (with Cathy Fink)
6. Out of Tune
7. Black Bear Mama (with David Holt)
8. Hillbilly Willy
9. Riddle & Rhyme
10. Tiny Little Life
11. Ruby Jane
12. Fiddlestick Joe (with Marcy Marxer)
13. Lighten Your Load
14. Echo
15. Baby Mine (with Rosie Newton)

Reviewed from a library copy.

Album: Through the Woods
Artist: The Okee Dokee Brothers
Label: Okee Dokee Music
Genre: Folk / Americana / Kindie / Family
Release Date:


 A to Z Challenge - Letter T - Through the Woods by The Okee Dokee Brothers

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