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Music Review: Peek-a-Book and Other Songs for Young Children

Hello, again, Hap Palmer! Previously, I shared Hap Palmer's Creative Movement and Rhythmic Expression and Two Little Sounds Fun with Phonics and Numbers. I picked up the Peek-a-Book album for possible use during a baby storytime session. After listening to it, I would say this CD is more suited to general family listening than in storytime. There are a couple songs that stood out to me and I've italicized the titles.

Adolescent Audio Adventures reviews Hap Palmer's Peek-a-Book and Other Songs for Young Children CD
The paper insert is a more basic one than his previous titles I reviewed. The insert includes lyrics, credits, and a little info about Hap Palmer and his music. Song lengths are also not included. I did add some notes about most of the songs, but some of the titles I thought are self-explanatory to the content.

Track List --
1 - Gettin' Up Time - animal song (bird, pup, kitten, calf, colt, chick, duckling, pig)
2 - Baby Songs Theme Song - Baby Songs was a video series and this is the theme song
3 - Baby's First -
4 - My Mommy Comes Back - visits away from mom song
5 - Don't Wash My Blanket - security blanket song
6 - Peek-a-Boo - seeking song - Sheila, Danny, Jim, Jannie are the names in the song but you could replace them to make it personal
7 - Lovey and Me - security / comfort item (teddy, blanket, doll, or stuffed toy)
8 - Piggy Toes - ten little toes song - toe wiggle song
9 - Walking - learning (remembering) to walk song
10 - Daddy Be a Horsie - playtime with dad song
11 - Teddy Bear Ball -
12 - Today I Took My Diaper Off - no more diapers song
13 - I Can Put My Clothes On By Myself - dressing song
14 - What a Miracle - echo song - movment song (clap, stamp, swing arms, bend, stretch, twist, bend, balance)
15 - Raggedy Rag Doll Friend -
16 - Merry-Go-Round - riding a merry-go-round (one from a carnival, not a playground)
17 - Teddy Bear -
18 - Just Fun - movement song (jump, spin/turn around, rolling)
19 - Finger Foods - food song -
20 - Boogie Woogie Wash Rag Blues - bath song
21 - Goodnight Story Time - evening song - books / stories song

Reviewed from a personal copy.

Album: Peek-a-Book and Other Songs for Young Children
Artist: Hap Palmer
Label: Hap-Pal Music, Inc
Genre: Kindie
Length: 51:57
Release Date: November 1996
ASIN: B00000I6YJ


A to Z Challenge - Letter P - Hap Palmer Peek-a-Book and Other Songs for Young Children

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