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Music Review: Jim Gill sings Do Re Mi on His Toe Leg Knee

Hello, again, Jim Gill! Here is another of Jim Gill's fantastic music CDs. I've previously shared Jim Gill presents Music Play for Folks of All Stripes and Jim Gill Makes It Noisy in Boise, Idaho. As with his previous albums, "Do Re Mi" offers a lot of great music for storytime or general listening. I italicized and bolded the tracks I have used during storytime. I italicized additional tracks that I like and added my thoughts and notes.

Jim Gill sings Do Re Mi on His Toe Leg Knee reviewed at Adolescent Audio Adventures

The paper insert for the CD case included lyrics, credits, and thanks. There are two songs that do no include written lyrics: "San Francisco" and "My Bonnie." There are a few notes on different actions or song extensions that you can use in your classroom, storytime, or home. Song lengths are not listed on the paper insert.

Track List --
1 - The Tempo Marches On - marching song - slow to fast song
2 - Knuckles Knees - body song - cumulative song
3 - Spin Again - spinning song - "freeze song" during the verses
4 - The Wrong Song - silly song
5 - Toe Leg Knee - body song - do re mi song
6 - My Ups and Downs - large and small song - stretching up and laying down
7 - San Francisco - music and original lyrics by John Phillips - body song - instrumental middle - song fades out
8 - Driving Here, Driving There - traveling song - fill-in the rhyme with different states in the US
9 - My Bonnie - traditional song - arms up and down - letter B song -
10 - Yes, No, Maybe - rhyming song - silly song -
11 - Color Game - colors song - body song - "take" a color and play with it
12 - Mashed Potatoes - potato song - sequential song -
13 - Spin Again ... Again - adapted version of traditional song "Michael Finnegan" - name song
14 - The Nothing Wrong Song - movement song (jump, stamp, spin, crawl, sing)

Reviewed from a library copy.

Album: Jim Gill sings Do Re Mi on His Toe Leg Knee
Artist:Jim Gill
Label: Jim Gill Music
Genre: Kindie
Length: 29:16
Release Date: March 1999


A to Z Challenge - Letter O - Jim Gill Sings Do Re Mi on His Toe Leg Knee

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