Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Music Review: La Di Da La Di Di Dance with Me

Have you heard of the trio The Learning Station? The trio of singers are Don Monopoli, Laurie Monopoli, and Jan Hrkach. Just like Hap Palmer, they have produced many, many music discs. The Learning Station also has a lot of videos of their music which can be fun to share at programs or learn how to dance their dance before sharing a new song at storytime.

The first Learning Station song I heard was "Tony Chestnut Knows I Love You." A teacher was playing it in a classroom for a brain break. I asked her about the song and used it quickly afterewards for a storytime. The Learning Station uses a lot of movement in their songs. A lot of their lyrics are moving words so it is easy to dance along with their CDs.

La Di Da La Di Di focuses on dancing songs. The CD booklet shares lyrics, instructions, and song lengths. They also added illustrations to inside, so it's more than just text.

You can get a preview of The Learning Station's songs on their website. Below is the track list and a few notes from me. The italicized tracks were some of the songs I would like to use during storytime:

Track List --
1. La Di Da, La Di Di -- partner dance song
2. Slap Happy -- partner clapping song
3. Jump Up, Bend Down - movement song - body song - jump, bend, shake, spin
4. Scratch My Back - movement song - scratch, itch, stamp, sneeze
5. Friendship Dance - circle song
6. Let's Twist - movement song - body song (hips, head, hands, arms, knees, legs, feet)
7. Copy Cat -- verses move different parts of the body (head, arms, hips, legs, feet) while the chorus is cat like with meows
8. If Animals Could Dance -- imaginative dance song where dancers can make their own moves and sounds -- animals included are cat, cow, dog, duck, elephant, monkey, rooster, sheep snake
9. Aye, Aye, Captain -- partner swimming song
10. Goldilocks & the 3 Bears -- story song
11. New Chicken Dance -- movement song - not related to the "traditional" chicken dance that is usually played at dances or weddings
12. Relaxing Song - cool down song - body song - lay down song

Reviewed from a library copy.

Album: La Di Da La Di Di Dance with Me
Artist: The Learning Station
Label: Hug-A-Chug Records
Genre: Kindie
Length: 41:04
Release Date: December 2004


A to Z Challenge - Letter D - La Di Da La Di Di Dance with Me by The Learning Station

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