Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Music Review: Kidquake!

Have you hear The Not-Its?  The Not-Its are a kindie rock band. I have not used their music during storytime sessions. They are a family listening type of music with kid friendly lyrics. My copy of Kidquake! is an old library copy, so I don't have any album insert information. The album cover is a just a photocopy. I have the track list below and a couple italicized tracks that I enjoyed on this collection.

The Not-Its have a large website if you'd like to explore some more. You can sample their music on the website and purchase it there as well. They also do a bit of touring, depending on where you live maybe you can catch a live show.

Track List --
1 - Kidquake! - album song
2 - Let's Skateboard - skateboard song
3 - Busy - busy lives and take time
4 - Rock, Paper, Scissors
5 - Temper Tantrum
6 - Operation Cooperation - school song - work together song
7 - Full Tilt - pinball song
8 - Participation Trophy
9 - Tarantula Funeral
10 - Walk or Ride
11 - The Not-Its! Love You

Reviewed from a personal copy.

Album: Kidquake!
Artist: The Not-Its!
Label: Little Loopy Records
Genre: Kindie / Rock
Length: 28:19
Release Date: February 2013


A to Z Challenge - Letter K - Kidquake! from The Not-Its!


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