Thursday, April 21, 2016

Review: Raffi Fun Food Songs

Have you heard Raffi? He's a classic children's musician with hundreds of songs, over 20 CDs, and over 10 books. He's got a passion for quality music for kids and he's been singing with families for decades. One of his most popular songs is Baby Baluga.

Fun Food Songs is one of his newer albums and one I love to pop in the CD player while I work. It's music I can sing along with or keep on as background music. It's fun family listening. The lyrics are not included in a paper insert, but they can be downloaded from Raffi's website. You can also download music credits on his website as well. The track list below and a couple italicized tracks that I enjoy while listening.

Track List --
1 - Peanut Butter Sandwich - pb & j song - kazoo song too
2 - Brush Your Teeth
3 - Five Little Pumpkins - fingerplay rhyme
4 - Down By the Bay
5 - Going On a Picnic - question and answer song
6 - Corner Grocery Store - This song reminds me an out of print book: "The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read" by Irma Simonton Black.
7 - Day O
8 - Biscuits In the Oven
9 - Oats & Beans & Barley Grow
10 - Savez-Vous Planter Des Choux?
11 - Apples & Bananas
12 - Bananaphone
13 - Naturally
14 - Kitchen Sing Sing
15 - Coconut

Reviewed from a library copy.

Album: Fun Food Songs
Artist: Raffi
Label: Rounder
Genre: Kindie
Length: 30:03
Release Date: November 2013


A to Z Challenge - Letter R - Raffi Fun Food Songs


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