Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Audiobook Bloggers Week 2017 #TravelTuesday

Welcome to day three of Audiobook Bloggers Week!

I love taking audiobooks on the road with me. That's how I consume most of my audiobooks is during my commute time between work, errands, and trips to see family and friends. I'm still giddy to admit that I have a multiple disc player in my car! It's so fantastic to fill it with a book and let it play!

Not all my audiobooks come on discs, so I also have an MP3 player that is one of my old smart phones. I would highly recommend using an old phone as a player. A big benefit of taking an audiobook on my player is that when I leave the car, the story can continue as I move around the house or go on a walk.

I typically only have one audiobook in the car at a time. Depending on the size of files, I always have multiple digital books on the MP3 player. I currently have three (two finished and one ready to go) on my player. Since I listen to children's stories, I can sometimes bring along five books with me which can be nice if I finish one quickly or need to change it up because I'm not into the story.

Do you like keeping a stack of audiobooks around you? Are you better with one story at a time? How do you listen while on the go?

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