Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Review: I Am N

The Voice of the Martyrs is a ministry that offers assistance to persecuted Christians around the world. They have shared stories of Christians from the present and the past. I am N is their newest book available.

The book is divided into six parts, each covering a different theme. The themes (in order) are sacrifice, courage, joy, perseverance, forgiveness, and faithfulness. Each part shares several current stories and one story about a historical martyr. Not all the stories end in death, but each story shares a Christian's faith journey. The audiobook I am N brought to mind the radio program Unshackled! from Pacific Garden Mission (but without the dramatic organ music).

Two narrators read I am N - Marco Prentice and Amara Delaney. It was an excellent mix of back and forth between stories and narrators. At the start of the audiobook, I thought the pace slow, but with the weighty content, it was a good pace to take in all the information. Overall, the narrators were smooth and the narrators' voices enjoyable. I would listen to either narrator again. Every once in a while a tiny section of Delaney's narrative sounded a little different. I'm guessing that there was more than one recording session. The difference in audio does not effect that story.

I received this audiobook for free from christianaudio for this review.

Audio Book Details...
I am N: Inspiring Stories of Christian Facing Islamic Extremists by The Voice of the Martyrs
Read by Marco Prentice & Amara Delaney
Produced by
Number of Discs: MP3 download (57 parts)
Total Time: 6 hours, 11 minute
Release Date: March 2016

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