Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday of Audiobook Week 2013

Happy Audiobook Month! 
Happy Audiobook Week!

Today's question for bloggers and audiobook listeners is "How Do You Choose Your Audiobooks?"

I try to read most of my juvenile fiction and YA books as audiobooks versus print books. As an Assistant Children's Librarian, I need to keep tabs on the books that are popular, unpopular, present, and past. I also love to read (books from the adult fiction section) for myself. It's difficult to fit it all in the schedule. I enjoy listening to YA audios, but I love listening to juvenile fiction. They aren't too long, so I can move through the stories quickly and have more titles on deck. For most stories, I try to find the audio before I find a print copy to read (or browse, depending on the time of year).

If you had an option between an audiobook or a printed copy, which would you choose first?

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