Friday, January 29, 2016

Review: Island of Graves

Island of Graves by Lisa McMann is book six in the Unwanteds series. It's an excellent fantasy series! I would HIGHLY recommend listening from the beginning if this is your first introduction to the Unwanteds series.

I wait at the edge of my seat for each new installment of the Unwanteds. The newest book, Island of Graves, did not disappoint. The pirates have taken Aaron away and left him for dead. Alex wants to go after him to help save Artime and Quill. The entire island is in jeopardy.  If you're looking for magic and battles and missions. This is an excellent book. I don't want to give too many details away!  The plot twists were so surprising. The end of the book had me gripping my steering wheel the whole drive home from work. The story wraps up well, but McMann included an epilogue... I cannot wait for April 2016! Island of Dragons is coming.

Steve West returns to narrate book six. Huzzah! The familiar characters were all recognizable and the new characters were just as strong and distinctive. Simon & Schuster did have another narrate share the end of the disc news. She had a lovely voice, but it was slightly startling to go from story with Steve to a pleasant, elevator voice telling you that you need to switch discs. With a single disc player, this information is helpful, but on a multi-disc player it's a distraction.

Reviewed from a library copy.

Audio Book Details...
Island of Graves by Lisa McMann
Series: Book 6, The Unwanteds
Read by Steve West
Produced by Simon & Schustler Audio
Number of Discs: 9
Total Time: 11 hours 11 minutes
ISBN: 9781442388857

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