Monday, April 14, 2014

OverDrive & For Young Women Only
Are you familiar with OverDrive? They are a digital resource that shares eBooks and Audiobooks. It typically can be found through your local library. With your library card, you have access to an amazing amount a free materials.

Previously, I only used OverDrive for my eReader. It's free, fast, and works with a wide range of devices! Recently, I downloaded the app for my super phone and figured out how to download an audiobook.

Wow! What a smooth way to enjoy an audiobook! I downloaded an available book and listened to the whole thing in two days. (I started with a short title, so it could be enjoyed quickly.) With the fast turnaround, I feel that the world is at my fingertips! I cannot wait to dive in and enjoy more audios via my super phone.


For Young Women Only: What You Need to Know About How Guys ThinkFor Young Women Only by

For Young Women Only was created to give young women a glimpse into how males process information, build relationships, and relate to women. The information shared in this brief book was garnered from a nation-wide survey and focus groups. (The survey results can be viewed on the book's website.) Shaunti shares the results and adds tidbits of information from her other book, For Women Only as well as a few Bible passages throughout the text. I appreciated the time they took to research and share their findings. Lots of food for thought! I think this title can be read (or heard) multiple times over and enjoyed each time.

Ms. Feldhahm was the narrator for the book For Young Women Only. I originally heard Shaunti Feldhahn in an interview on the radio several years ago. It was good to hear her voice again as she shared her book. I would enjoy listening to her again.


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