Friday, May 17, 2013

Last Child in the Woods

Last Child in the WoodsLast Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

Will you or your child be the Last Child in the Woods?

Louv dives into how people (children especially) interact with nature. With today's modern marvels, we distance ourselves from the outdoors. We've created fear that never existed before when dealing with trees... woods... nature. Louv also shares examples and resources to overcome the fear, or the boogieman. He offers research of the benefits of being outdoors.

It's an eye opening listen (or read). It's been recommended to me, but it never made it onto my must read until a local book festival chose it for their city read. I'm so happy that I chose to read it along with everyone. It's a fantastic book. I understand why a friend recommended it to me. Times have changed, but nature has remained the same. I know that I fear the wildness, but also appreciate the peace and beautiful it offers. I would encourage all listeners (and readers) to give this book a try.

Jonathan Hogan narrated Louv's book. His voice was excellent for this non-fiction piece. The story wasn't dynamic, but it was thought provoking and Hogan's tempo was spot on.

Reviewed from a library copy.

Audio Book Details...
Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv
Read by Jonathan Hogan
Produced by Recorded Books
Number of Discs: 10
Total Time: 12 hours
ISBN: 9781428169661

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